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Building A Successful Family Legacy

Are you building a Legacy or an Empire? What is the difference? The first thing you have to understand is that whether you are intentionally building a legacy or not, one is being built. You can build a giant empire but leave a terrible legacy.

Society has glorified the building of empires rather than legacies. The Paris Hiltons and Kardashians of the world are nothing more than empires that will eventually crumble, as do all empires. Their empires overshadowed their legacy because it was all about them and what they could amass for themselves in their lifetime. An empire is based solely on the possession of material things. The empires of ancient history were all evaluated on the amount of land and wealth that was controlled. Legacy is not about leaving your kids with a pile of money and material things. That is an empire doomed to fail. A legacy is the passing on of one's faith, character, and mindset.

Legacy is etched in the hearts of those who know you, not on your tombstone.

If you are not intentional about the things you believe in, the character you portray and the way you view the world, then your legacy will reflect that. You look at all the great men in history; George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, and Ronald Reagan. They built long-lasting legacies because they were intentional in their beliefs, men of strong character and integrity, and they all viewed the world with optimism and boundless opportunity. They didn't just leave a legacy for their family, they etched their legacy in the hearts of generations.

When was the last time you sat down to put thought into your belief system or studied your character? What are you doing daily to grow and develop your mindset? As humans, we all have a desire to live a life of purpose and significance, yet many of us go through life taking what life gives us, which leads to a legacy easily forgotten. I would encourage you to begin to intentionally build your legacy. You are worth it and your family deserves it. Find strong fellowship and associations that help you develop your character and beliefs and Read every day to progress your mindset.

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