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It's Time To Reestablish Your Vision

Updated: Feb 19, 2019

It's funny how our vision changes as we grow up. We start out with visions of becoming a movie star, professional athlete, astronaut, or superhero. What happens to those visions as we get older? By the time we hit college they change and evolve to become more "realistic". Instead of a superhero, we want to become a police officer, or in my case, instead of becoming a professional athlete my vision was to become a sports agent. We get out of college and we hit the real world and we start pursuing our vision, but over time it seems unattainable so we lower the bar once more. Instead of a movie star, we are now an accountant and our goal is to work our way to the top of the company. After 25 years, working hard chasing the vision, we have been passed over for a promotion we thought we deserved and the owner of the company has two kids that are in the business and will be taking over in the next few years. What do you do now? Do you settle in and just get by until retirement and allow your #vision to die?

I went from wanting to be a professional athlete to being a sports agent to a career in marketing and I saw myself cheapening my vision. How did that happen? I had success in athletics, I had become a sports agent, but my vision was still being watered down. I realized that our societal systems are designed to reduce our visions. As a kid my parents told me I could do anything in life I set my mind to. I was then told all throughout my schooling that I was good at math and science and should focus on careers based in math and science. Then I got to college and I had to choose a major that they told me would determine the type of job I would be qualified for. I got into the real world and was told that the job or career I chose would determine my outcome. I let society and teachers hijack my vision. Some of you have friends and family telling you you're crazy or that you'll never succeed at what you are trying to accomplish. Maybe your family forced you down a path you never wanted for yourself. Don't allow others to control your vision.

"The majority of people permit relatives, friends and the public at large to so influence them that they cannot live their lives, because they fear criticism...Anyone who has submitted to this form of fear knows the irreparable damage it does by destroying ambition, self-reliance and the desire to achieve" - Napoleon Hill

I saw this pattern playing out in my life. I knew I had 2 choices, do as the majority of people do and settle for a watered down vision, or reestablish a vision for my #life and for my #family. Lay down and wet myself, or fight for the life I want to live. I chose to fight. You may be in a season in life right now where you feel stuck and you see your life vision diminishing. Maybe you are frustrated and you know you want more out of life for yourself and for your family. If that sounds like you, that's a good thing. You haven't given up or settled yet. You too now have a choice to make. Will you reestablish a vision for your life or let the pressure and criticism of others win? Now is the time to reestablish your vision for your life. Do not base this vision on what you want to do, but rather on how you want to live. Don't let your current circumstances limit you. A lot can change in 5-10 years no matter how old you are.

When you are flexible with your vision, your vision is sure to die. #Successful people are strict with their vision and flexible with their path.

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