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Where Is Your Ladder Leaning?

Have you ever stopped to think, what is the best possible outcome if I see this thing through? Do you even like the best possible scenario you are working towards? For most people, the best case scenario is maybe a couple promotions and settle into a position that you can handle until you're 70-75 years old when you retire and have the next 20-25 years to enjoy what life you have left. I didn't like this as my best possible outcome. I was not okay with that being my best life and legacy. I started to ask others the same question and realized people fell into 1 of 3 categories;

  1. Acceptance: They have accepted this is the way life is and they focus on making the best of it.

  2. Denial: They think the path they are on is going to guarantee them fame and fortune or they don't care about the results because they are convinced they love the work they do.

  3. Frustration: They don't like the outcome they see and they understand that something has to change.

Where do you fall? If you are Accepting or in Denial, your focus is on the wrong thing (If you are in Denial you think this whole post is bogus). If your focus is solely on the work or an amount of income, you may never end up where you want to be. You can't expect to end up where you want to be if that is not your guiding focus. Climbing the corporate ladder is the path that society encourages us to go down. We go to college because we are told it will help us start higher on that ladder and climb it faster. Then many of us reach a point where we aren't climbing fast enough or high enough and we go get a graduate degree. We are so focused on the tread on the ladder that we never look at where the ladder is leaning.

What is the best possible outcome if you see this thing through to completion? Maybe it's the CEO, probably not, or maybe it's upper management or an income amount you are chasing. What does your LIFE look like as a CEO? The stress, the responsibility, the liability and the time commitment alone is unbearable to most. If your focus is on the income of a CEO you may get there, just to find out you hate your life when you arrive and there is no amount of money that can make you happy or repair your marriage or your relationship with your kids. If your focus is on the life and legacy you want to have you will begin to think differently and make different choices that will put you on the path to the life you want rather than sacrificing your life for an income or a job title.

I'm sure most people won't make it to this part of the post because they heard some truths that go against a lot of what we are taught to think and believe. I know everyone's situation is different and I used some generalities, but my hope is that you can truly be honest with yourself in analyzing the direction your LIFE is headed. Stop thinking in terms of your work or your income and start thinking about the life and legacy you want to create. If you are on the wrong ladder or your ladder is leaning against the wrong building, jump off the ladder. Find a new ladder, but make sure it's leaning against a building you actually want to be on top of.

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