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Hi, my name is Mike Miller. I am a husband, father, and business leader. Born and raised in Southern California, I worked in the Sports and Entertainment industry for 10 years. The past 6+ years I have been with the John Elway Dealer Group pushing the marketing envelope within the automotive industry. 


My dream was to be a Sports Agent. After reaching my goal, I still found myself unfulfilled and wanting more. There was more in my tank and I knew I wasn't everything I could be. Something inside me was longing to connect with something bigger, but I didn't know what that was. For too long, my focus was on finding fulfillment in my job and not in how I was living my life. I was living a life of average and quiet desperation. 


In 2017 My focus shifted to being fulfilled by my family and the way I live my life. I am dedicated to doing what needs to be done, making the changes that need to be made and facing some fears in order to live a life of significance by living out my values and helping others to do the same. There are seeds of greatness in all of us, but many of us let our seeds lie dormant due to the fear and pressure of the status quo. We partner with those 2% that demand more than average, that aren't interested in fitting in, that want learn how to master themselves so they can rise up an be an example and influence to others to rise up out of their life of quiet desperation. 



It takes Faith to see your victory before you fight your battle.


The choices that you make with your family today will determine the quality of life in your family tree for generations to come.


Freedom is lost gradually from an uninterested, uninformed, and uninvolved people.


Connect with me on social media or contact me directly. I enjoy meeting new people and helping others find fulfillment and success. If you are looking for mentorship and opportunity to succeed at a higher level and be a part of a team of successful business leaders, I would love to hear from you and see how we can help you find the success you are looking for in your life.


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